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The origin of the safe locks in our country

                                                        The origin of the safe locks in our country

        Safe locks the origin of the long history, its development has been five thousand years of history. As early as in the wild times, our ancestors learned to use animal skins to receive personal valuables, receive property when the skins firmly bound with cords, and finally on the open out the special knot, this tightly integrate the knot of death, can only be used a tool called the "wrong" to pick to open. Wrong, also known as "xiao", "dao" and "driver", it made from animal teeth or bones, shaped like a sickle shaped hook. In fact, the knot is one of the earliest lock, and the key to the "wrong" is the earliest, this is our country the origin and shape of the locks. "Chinese knot", now is consists of paleolithic receive, sew knot, the fantastic and the wisdom of the Chinese ancient civilization is a reflection of one side.

        Lock in our country many nickname, such as stag, closed, key chain, bells and so on. Locks for early bamboo and wood, is mainly used for the bolt. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the ban on wooden lock inside house organ, improved the wooden lock. When the eastern han dynasty, invented the metal lock. The tang dynasty, has been widely used material such as iron and brass lock. According to archaeological discoveries, as early as 5000 years ago in China there will be a wooden lock, is one of the earliest wooden lock and abroad found 4000 years ago, than delay in China in 1000. Along with the development of human civilization, science and technology, lock has evolved from ancient general "wood" for the development of today's 17 major categories, tens of thousands of varieties of products, and the application of sound, light, electric, magnetic and other advanced science and technology made of various modern locks.

        Safe locks the development history, is also a history of human civilization, from simple to complex, from junior to senior, owned by the individual to the widespread use of the individual to the modern production enterprises, the manual forge this evolution is the witness of the development of social economy and science

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