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    Shenzhen Jvv-safe technology co., LTD., founded in 1995, the manufacturing enterprises, is China's leading safe is safe the most complete varieties, the most professional manufacturer and supplier, specializing in the production of anti-theft safes, fire safes, fire anti-theft safes, file confidential cabinet, hotel rooms safekeeping. Vault door, etc. Series of products, both at home and abroad enjoy good market reputation and high market share, are a number of international brand OEM manufacturers. Products are widely used in business, enterprise, government agencies, financial, family, and other fields.

    Products meet GB10409-2001 "anti-theft safe" China national standard and GA166-1997 "anti-theft safes" industry standards, product by China's national mandatory product certification, the company passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, some products through international certification, and exported to overseas markets. JingWei JVV - SAFE., RUIBAO sharp leopard. As a registered trademark of Jvv-SAFE manufacturing co., LTD!


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