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Safe development trend: the standard higher and higher level of security

 Safe development trend: the standard higher and higher level of security

        With the development of the era, safe mode of production and technology have a qualitative leap. According to the national standard of our country GB10409-2001, anti-theft safe level of security can be divided into six categories, namely, A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C. In 6 class, class C has the highest level of security, class C anti-theft safe should be able to stop using the common hand tools, portable power tools, grinding head, portable power tools, cutting torch and explosives used in conjunction as well as the tools, materials, in time of 60 minutes into the net work.

        Abroad has been carried out in accordance with the insurance of safe grading standards. In France, for example, its standard are classified into grade 1 to grade 6: insurance gold on the 50000 FF (French francs), 100000 175000 FF FF, respectively, 250000 FF, 500000 FF, 1 million FF and 1.5 million FF. European standards are divided into levels 1-8 safe, 9-13 the library door, such as a higher standard, coefficient of insurance at all levels. Ⅰ E safe insurance gold of 150000 FF; Ⅱ E safe insurance gold of 230000 FF; Ⅲ E safe insurance gold to 350000 FF, people usually call it the silver series, should have three or more different types of locks, lock open permutation and combination coefficient of more than one hundred million times, and divided into sound and no voice in various forms, in order to solve computer control decomposition password confidential permutation and combination and the use of hearing AIDS, touch and listen to experience the feeling of open question; Ⅳ E safe for the gold series, the insurance gold to 700000 FF; Ⅴ E for the diamond series, insurance gold to 1.3 million FF; Ⅵ E PYRAMISEN standard, is the highest, for safe European standard UAP insurance maximum amount to 2 million FF. 7-8 safe no one production.

        To be produced according to the standard level 6 is a pyramid, manufacturers, insurance companies, and demonstrate the department including temperature and high content such as double, multiple tests, must conform to the responsible for the safety standards of the world's only issue the certificate authority VDS (VERBAND DER SHADENVERSICH - ER) certificate, namely the ISO9002, 9001, 9000, the highest international product certificate from low to high. Such as fire files safe, to keep 10 years of payroll, retention, 8 years of pay tax the content such as science, outside the tank fire burning to 1090 degrees, the temperature of the enclosure is not more than 32 degrees. World standard 170 degrees to spontaneous combustion, the ark of the contents is still intact, is 55 degrees that will the disc of spontaneous combustion and safe.
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